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sustainable placemaking forum

79 Parkway London NW1 7PP
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Over the last eighteen months or so, HTA Architects have hosted a series of seminars to explore sustainable placemaking. In this period we have hosted seven seminars, at which 130 senior representatives of the British housing industry have contributed their thinking towards a better understanding of the concept.

Here you will find a record of these events. You will be able to make contact with participants and you will have an opportunity to contribute to the future direction of this enquiry into the nature of sustainable places and techniques for creating sustainable places in the future.

What is the Sustainable Placemaking Forum

Bernard Hunt has set out his vision in a speech on 22 February 2001 to the 'Placemakers Club', which we have reproduced. We have included a bibliography and some images of what we believe constitute the essence of placemaking.

Where next?

HTA set it up, but from this point onwards the website has a life of its own.At HTA, we see ourselves as active participants. We will continue to feed in the outcome of our seminars.

We hope to find partners to work with in developing our vision and turning it into reality. We hope and expect that others will form mutual interest groups too. We hope you will get in touch.

The Sustainable Placemaking website and series of seminars
are administered by HTA .





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